Retailer Returns & Refurbishment Services
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Retailer Returns Solutions

When your customers have problems with their lawn & garden equipment they purchased from you, Altaquip has the solution. Whether the customer’s product needs repaired under warranty, or service contract, or even at their own responsibility, Altaquip offers a full turn key solution. If you exchange product with the customer to make them whole and build the relationship, Altaquip can recondition or refurbish store owned returned Outdoor Power Equipment products that you can turn around and sell at a modest discount and SAVE lost margin.

Altaquip has faster turnaround times than the industry average, trained and certified technicians, regional or national coverage, a truck fleet to pickup and drop off product, dozens of OEM warranty relationships, and a central support center to be your single point of contact. Contact us today to discuss!

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We Provide Warranty Service On Dozens Of Brands, Customer Tune-Ups, Extended Warranty Service, And Routine Maintenance. Contact Us Today To See How We Can Help!

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